About Me

Shiraz Nicpon

Shiraz Nicpon

My name is Shiraz Nicpon and I’m a journalism student at San Diego State University. I grew up in Anaheim, California for the most part, but I have also lived in Vista, California for part of my life as well. I’ve been living in San Diego since my sophomore year of college when classes transitioned back to in-person. This spring semester I have expanded the possibilities of what I can possibly do in the future. My interests are in beat reporting, specifically arts and culture in bigger cities like San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Chicago, but also in investigative reporting. I really want to work closely with people within the community and keep my readers informed of what is happening around them. 

After getting more experience within the journalism world, I would like to focus on bigger stories that are more national and international. My goal would be to work for National Geographic, the Washington Post, Time, NPR, or BBC. This year, I’m focusing more on networking and becoming a more experienced journalist by applying for different jobs and internships. Next fall I want to focus on getting involved with the Daily Aztec by writing some stories for them. 

“Fall in love with your solitude” ― Rupi Kaur